Initial interview questionaire

Print out and Mail to Mary Magee, 802 Powhatan Dr, Indpls, IN  46231;
or copy and email this to SaeSi Whippets by clicking here

Name: ______________________ Address: __________________________________

City: ________________________ State: __________________ Zip: ______________

Home Telephone: _______________ Work Telephone: ________________

Fax number/E-mail address or other contact info:_______________________________

Family members: __________ Do you all adults work outside the home? _____

What are your work hours? (list each)_________________________________________

Occupation(s): ___________________________________________________________

If living with other adults, do they approve of this dog? __________

If living with parents, who will be the actual owner of this dog? _______________________________

Number of children at home or that visit frequently? _______Ages: _________________

Do you rent or own? ____________ A house, apartment, condo, other________________

Landlord's name_____________________________________
Phone______________Allows pets? ______

How long at present address? _____________
Are you planning on moving in the next 6  months? ______
If you move, what will you do with your pets? _______________________________________________________________________

Do you have a yard? ______Approx. size______________________

Do you have a fence? _____Type of fence____________________Approx. height_____

Have you inspected your fence for holes that your dog may try to crawl out of or dig through?_______
Do you have secure latches?______Can children open gates?_____

Have you checked your yard for poisonous plants or other items your dog may ingest?_______

Is there anything near the fence that would allow the dog to jump over the fence? ______

Have you ever owned a Whippet? __________When? ______________

What happened to the dog? _________________________________________________

Have you ever taken a pet to a shelter? ______ If so, why?______________________________________

List all pets currently at home as well as owned in the past ten years. Include small caged pets and barnyard animals:

Type of animal /Age /Sex Spayed or Neutered /Kept In or Out /How long owned (for past pets, please list what happened to the pet)





Will you enroll your Whippet in an obedience class? _____________________________

What is your main reason for wanting a Whippet? _______________________________

What are you expecting of this Whippet? (check all that apply) Watchdog____Hunter___Breeder____House Pet____
Companion_____Companion for other pets____For the children____Gift____

If the dog is a gift, who is it for? ___________________________________________

Temperament preferred (check all that apply):
Very active____ Active____ Easygoing___ Lapdog____ Sedate__ Intelligent___ Playful___ Protective___ Affectionate___ Shy___ Independent___ Other____

I would like my new dog to get along with:
Other dogs_____Cats_____Birds_____Farm Animals_____Young Children_____ Older Adults ____

Do all members of the family favor this type of dog? ___________

Does any member of the household have pet allergies? ___________________________

Are you financially able to care for this dog should it become seriously ill or require surgery? ____________

What arrangements will you make when you go on vacation? ______________________

How many hours a day will the dog be left alone? ___________
Where will the dog stay  during the day? ____________________________

Where will the dog be kept at night? __________________________________________

How do you plan to exercise the dog? _________________________________________

Have you ever crate trained a dog? ____
Do you have objections to using a crate for your dogs safety?___________________________

Who is your vet? Please provide Name, number and address as a reference:

Are you agreeable to returning the Whippet, should unforeseen circumstances arise wherein
you would no longer be able to keep the dog? ______________________

Would you be willing for me, or a friend of mine, to visit your home? ________________

How did you find out about me? __________________________________________

Please give 2 personal references: Name/phone/years known/relationship/