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Our “Cranberries” litter born September 29, 2022 co bred with Lejend Whippets (GChB HH Heartland California Chrome, FCh, SC ex SaeSi Borealis Umkar, TKA, CGC, BCAT, DN, PR2, TRP, ARX). Visit our Available page for more photos of these little berries. Family photo by Kim Riddle-Carandang.

The Cranberries were born 09/29/2022; 6 females 2 males all varying amounts of brindle and white. Pedigree:

Whippets since 1994.

(Photo of Tara, Squeaker and myself ©1999 by d Beisinger photography)

My name is Mary Magee and I share my life with two grown sons, two daughters-in-law, two grand children, and a few whippets in Indianapolis, Indiana.

I have always had a very wide variety of animals in my life, however in 1994 my life became enriched with Whippets, racing, dog shows and lure coursing.

Please feel free to peruse this site to learn more about the Whippet breed. If you are interested in obtaining a Whippet feel free to contact me. Please include your city/state in your email to make things a bit easier. I am also available for those interested in conformation, racing or lure coursing, or for general support to anyone who has a Whippet.

Sleek Athletic Elegant Swift Intelligent


I participate in organized Amateur Whippet Racing, conformation shows both with AKC and UKC and select Lure Coursing with ASFA, AKC and UKC. Some of the SaeSi dogs participate in Racing, Lure Coursing, Obedience, Agility, Rally, Flyball, Disc, Dock dog competitions and some do therapy work while others are service dogs for their owners, first and foremost they are companions who love their people. I also operate IndysDogs Dog boarding, daycare and grooming in Indianapolis, Indiana.

I strive to breed for a beautiful, athletic, sound of mind & body dog that makes a terrific companion. This will always be the top priority at SaeSi. Enjoy your visit at our cyber home!

Great information on bloodwork for Greyhounds and Whippets is available here. There is a huge difference between these breeds and most other breeds.

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