How SaeSi began

Funny how one puppy can totally change a life, but that is exactly what one special whippet boy did! Rotaiva’s Song From Gabriel, CGC, CRX, DSA, ThD “Gabriel” (AKA Gabe or G-Man) was my Valentine’s Day present to myself in 1994, and I know how blessed I was to have had him in my life for 13 1/2 years. He taught my sons and me so much. He truly was beyond compare.

Through Gabe I was introduced to the world of whippet racing and dog shows. Although he was strictly a pet quality pup, he had so much heart that anything I wanted him to do he did with total dedication. He got me hooked, big time! He raced, lure coursed, was a junior showmanship dog for my sons and a friend’s daughter, did therapy & service work, was a dog scout, he even went in the obedience ring a few times. The lessons he taught those who knew him were huge as was his heart and the love he gave was immeasurable! (coursing photos by Shot On Site)

A few months after Gabe came into my life I obtained his sister, “Tara”, she was my Queen! I worked hard at learning how to show her myself and after about 2 years I finally went in the ring with her instead of sitting on the sidelines watching, our first time together she received a reserve to a major under esteemed Whippet breeder judge Mary Beth Arthur, I was a hot mess but TarTar was as cool as they come!

Tara was such a blessing and taught me so much, patience was definitely a big lesson. She also taught me that even if others don’t like you, it doesn’t matter as long as those you love accept you for who you are. I was a very lucky woman to have had her in my life and I owe my whole line to this one amazing lass, ALL SaeSi Whippets go back to Tara.

As the old saying goes … it’s all history from there. I bred my first litter when Tara was 4 1/2 years old. I felt I needed at least that much time study dogs, pedigrees and overall structure. I read books, magazines, picked the brains of my mentors, and went to as many events as possible (pretty much every weekend!) and finally I felt ready.

My first litter was sired by Ch/UCh/CanCh Sonseeahray’s Fiat Design, SC. Tara produced 11 pups in that first litter … everyone said the average was 5 or 6 pups so I guess I had two in one! From that first litter I kept Ch SaeSi You’ve Got The Look, JC, “PhaseYa” (above photo). PhaseYa was an amazing show dog, never had to work to show her as she showed herself, never pushy but not a push over either. She was a treasure whom we lost too young at 10 1/2 years of age due to kidney failure. When she was 4 1/2 she was diagnosed with Idiopathic Myelofibrosis which is an uncommon type of bone marrow cancer that disrupts your body’s normal production of blood cells. Myelofibrosis causes extensive scarring in your bone marrow, leading to severe anemia that can cause weakness and fatigue. With blood transfusions and high doses of steroids (and a LOT of prayers) we were blessed to have her for another six years. Unfortunately the 18 months on pred to save her life left damage to her kidneys. She lived all her life very loved and will always be deeply missed.

Also from that first litter was our lovely “Diva” who came back to us at 11 years of age after her owner passed away. Although she was never shown or bred, she truly was a very important role model here for the others she helped to raise. We were very glad to have her live out her life with us, and blessed to see her live to 17 years 1 month and 1 week.

My second litter was sired by the incomparable Squeaker (photo left), Ch Wheatland Cab Calloway, RCh, “Squeaker” owned and bred by Kim Otero of Wheatland Whippets (d Beisinger photo).

From the second litter we had seven lovely pups. Of those SaeSi She’za Brickhouse, CRX “Tickle” whom I tried to breed but alas it wasn’t meant to be and SaeSi Aw You Dawg, CRX IV, OTRM, JC (WRCh & FCh ptd) “Mouff” who was owned by Gregg Gammie and myself, who sired two litters. PhaseYa and Mouff have been the foundation of both lines of the SaeSi dogs of which I have now combined.

While I will always love the team work involved in conformation shows, there’s nothing that gives my heart the same joy as watching these well tuned athletic canines do what they were bred and LOVE to do!