SaeSi litters/pups

We welcomed the Living Root Bridges litter December 6, 2019!

Graffiti and Fore produced a litter of 4 girls and 3 boys in varying brindle coats and we are THRILLED with this CWA eligible litter! Click here for the litter’s pedigree Co bred with Borealis and SaeSi.

If you are inquiring about a puppy please contact us privately via email saesiwhippets and include our question sheet with your answers (download PDF here or docx file here). Please understand all of SaeSi puppies are sold on a private contract and all potential owners are required to submit our application.

Fore’s pre-whelping x-ray (12/02/2019), how many do you see? 😉

Past litters we have bred or co bred

  • Strada ex Tara 1998
  • Squeaker ex Tara 1999
  • Lladro ex PhaseYa 2000
  • Tennessee ex PhaseYa 2003 (Cobred with Whippendor)
  • Mouff ex Genie 2003 (Cobred with WildAbout)
  • Choice ex Lydia 2005 (Cobred with MeLan)
  • Turner ex Collette 2006 (Cobred with Bijoux)
  • Mouff ex K.I.A. 2007
  • Alfie ex SaeSha 2008 (Cobred with Snowbird)
  • Choice ex Yummy 2010 (Cobred with Equiss)
  • Sam ex Inki 2010 (Cobred with Inked and MeLan)
  • Finn ex AkaSha (#1) 2011 (Cobred with Jaama)
  • Colt ex Strut 2012 (Cobred with Candy Price)
  • Finn ex AkaSha (#2) 2012 (Cobred with Jaama)
  • Timmee ex Lips 2012
  • Timmee ex Stevee 2013
  • PharGus ex Parsnip 2014 (Cobred with Wheatland)
  • Colt ex Stevee 2014
  • Zzyzx ex Stevee 2015
  • Tuff ex Peaches 2015 (Cobred with Whippendor)
  • Score ex Phrekles 2017 (Cobred with Rocket Relay)
  • Graffiti ex Fore 2019 (Cobred with Borealis)

All pedigrees listed on under SaeSi kennel