Available Whippets

We currently have no available pups or adults.

If you are inquiring about a puppy please fill out our application form if interested. Please understand all SaeSi Whippets are sold on a private contract and all potential owners are required to submit our application.

Graffiti and Fore produced a litter of 4 girls and 3 boys in varying brindle coats and we are THRILLED with this CWA eligible litter! Click here for the litter’s pedigree https://tinyurl.com/2019litter Co bred with Borealis and SaeSi.
Fore’s pre-whelping x-ray (12/02/2019), how many do you see? 😉

Past litters we have bred or co bred

  • Strada ex Tara 1998
  • Squeaker ex Tara 1999
  • Lladro ex PhaseYa 2000
  • Tennessee ex PhaseYa 2003 (Cobred with Whippendor)
  • Mouff ex Genie 2003 (Cobred with WildAbout)
  • Choice ex Lydia 2005 (Cobred with MeLan)
  • Turner ex Collette 2006 (Cobred with Bijoux)
  • Mouff ex K.I.A. 2007
  • Alfie ex SaeSha 2008 (Cobred with Snowbird)
  • Choice ex Yummy 2010 (Cobred with Equiss)
  • Sam ex Inki 2010 (Cobred with Inked and MeLan)
  • Finn ex AkaSha (#1) 2011 (Cobred with Jaama)
  • Colt ex Strut 2012 (Cobred with Candy Price)
  • Finn ex AkaSha (#2) 2012 (Cobred with Jaama)
  • Timmee ex Lips 2012
  • Timmee ex Stevee 2013
  • PharGus ex Parsnip 2014 (Cobred with Wheatland)
  • Colt ex Stevee 2014
  • Zzyzx ex Stevee 2015
  • Tuff ex Peaches 2015 (Cobred with Whippendor)
  • Score ex Phrekles 2017 (Cobred with Rocket Relay)
  • Graffiti ex Fore 2019 (Cobred with Borealis)

All pedigrees listed on TheWhippetArchives.net under SaeSi kennel